VITA Easyshade Advance




Evolution continues
VITA Easyshade Advance impresses with a new software, which contributes to increasing user-friendliness and performance of the instrument. Daily routines in the practice/laboratory can be completed since faster and more accurate results are achieved during shade taking.
The optimized instrument enables reliable and highly accurate shade taking of natural teeth and restorations completely independent of lighting conditions and user. Compared to traditional, visual shade determination, precisely defined measurement data eliminate errors when taking, communicating or interpreting the shade and guarantee higher economic efficiency of your practice/laboratory.
The new VITABLOCS mode of VITA Easyshade Advance enables the accurate determination of the VITABLOCS shade based on digital shade measurement so that tooth shade measurement has now also entered the CAD/CM era.
VITA Easyshade Advance is the next step towards perfection of tooth shade measurement technology to achieve fast, precise and objective measuring of shades.
Reliable shade measurement within a few seconds
Perfect determination in VITA classical A1-D4, 3D-Master and VITABLOCS shades
Independent of ambient lighting
Easy to use with maximum freedom of movement
Prevention of infection guaranteed
Reliable communication and documentation of shades
Quality control thanks to the possibility to verify restorations
Extended durability thanks to modern LED technology
Stores up to 30 shades.


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