VITA Easyshade® V




The VITA Easyshade V digital spectrophotometer was developed for precise, fast and reliable shade determination of natural teeth and ceramic restorations.

Precise and reproducible tooth shade determination in seconds, thanks to the latest measuring technology
Objective and reliable measurements, due to the LED technology that is unaffected by ambient conditions
Reliable and economical, thanks to precise tooth shade informationin VITA the shade standards for reliable shade reproduction and reduced shade corrections
Simple and intuitive, thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen and software
Efficient, digital communication for exchanging information about tooth shade and images between the dental practice and the laboratory

VITA Easyshade®
Technical data
Spectrophotometer, measurement range 400 – 700 nm
Inductive charging concept with long-life AA batteries
Output of all tooth shades in the established standard shade systems VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER, as well as indication of the VITABLOCS shades and bleached index, in accordance with the American Dental Association
Display of lab and LCh values
Bluetooth interface for wireless communication with the VITA Assist PC software and VITA mobileAssist app


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