Special furnace for the VITA In-Ceram slip technique
A fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled furnace specially designed for the fabrication of highly stable all-ceramic frameworks using the VITA In-Ceram slip technique.
The VITA INCERAMAT 3 T is ventilated in such a way that the moisture which is released from the plaster dies is able to rise, ensuring that the VITA In-Ceram framework is in no way contaminated.
The large firing table and firing chamber allow a large number of frameworks to be sintered at the same time.
Area of application
For prolonged atmospheric sinter firing and infiltration firing of VITA In-Ceram frameworks created using the slip technique.
Practical, separate touch-screen display with high resolution color graphics for easy, safe operation
Free choice of graphics or table mode
Firing programs classified according to material groups
Reliable electronics for precise control of firing programs
Integrated firing data monitoring program
Automatic temperature adjustment after start of every firing program
Temperature accuracy +/- 2 °C
Information and tips on programming options
2 fold-away cooling trays
Forward moving lift
Overnight firing mode
Memory stick connection for loading software updates
Fast cooling to standby temperature
Memory capacity for 100 firing programs
Individual user programs can be saved on memory stick
Firing data can be saved for quality control purposes
Guarantee on furnace: 2 years
Guarantee covers muffle: 1 year (Supplied with 1 replacement muffle)


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