VITA vPad comfort




Control unit for:


Hardware benefits:

Latest generation 10“ TFT display
A USB port
Individually adjustable stands
2 GB of memory
Software benefits:

Modify existing firing programs or create new firing programs.
Pre-installed firing programs for VITA materials and the most common CAD/CAM materials
Integrated working instructions for all VITA – materials
Photo viewer for displaying items, such as patient photos.
A number of service and monitoring programs are included, such as
VITA AntiCon,
VITA EnergyEffiency,
Automatic temperature calibration,
Temperature protection switch,
Obstruction sensor,
Temperature sensor monitoring,
Rapid cooling,
Night mode,
Monitoring the energy supply,
Display of operating hours for the unit and firing muffles,
Automatic cleaning
Data transfer from firing programs and unit data to other VITA vPad comfort and PCs is possible.
Programmed for the future means that VITA Update Messenger automatically informs you about program and software updates for furnaces and VITA vPads.

Part numbers
Technical data and accessories
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VITA vPad comfort
Technical functions
Many service and control programs, e.g. automatic temperature adjustment before every start of the program, temperature sensor and vacuum control, fast cooling, night mode, power failure protection, display of operating hours for device and firing muffle, automatic cleaning
Function monitoring incl. logging of lift runs, pre-vacuum and main vacuum, temperature and time flows
Storage, backup and write protection of the individual user accounts and programs
Software update and data transfer to other vPad control units and to a PC via USB stick
Error monitoring with error display
Freely selectable lift positions for pre-drying, cooling and for fast cooling to standby temperature
Language selection
Technical data

Width 260 mm
Depth 150 mm
Height 200 mm
Weight 1,6 kg
Casing plastic
Classification Protection class 1
Temperature for operation: 10 C to 35 C
Humidity for operation: max. 80% RH
Application area: approved for indoor operation only


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