Wieland dental S107




Using tried and tested scanner technology and thanks to its five axes, the S107 scanner captures all the necessary areas and can even be used to scan impressions. The optical system consists of two high-speed cameras for precision data capture and one video camera for producing a fast pre-scan image. The utmost in accuracy and versatility are achieved by reducing the triangulation angle. Equipped with an embedded PC and 64-bit operating system, the scanner uses the latest hardware and software technology. Up to 30 units can be scanned in 15 minutes without the need for manual intervention
Properties, Indications and more
Scanner specifications
Software package sold with scanner D
Scan speed – single die 35 (40) seconds
Scan speed – 3 unit bridge 120 (130) seconds
Multi Die Scanning – 30
Number of axes 5
PC embedded
Operating system WINDOWS 7 64bit
Antagonist, Pre-preparation
Texture scanning
Cameras 2 measuring , 1 video camera
1.3 Megapixels
Accuracy < 20 µm
Impression scanning
Modell Builder for impression and intraoral scans
Advanced tools


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