2023 Wieland Zenotec select hybrid




Wieland Zenotec select hybrid
The new efficiency in dental technology
The Zenotec select hybrid combines a compact CNC milling system featuring state-of-the-art five-axis simultaneous operation with the advantages of automated manufacture and very compact external dimensions. Thanks to the 8-disc material changer, the machine can easily be set to work overnight and handling new materials presents no problem. By adding the optional wet-grinding function, the familiar range of materials can be extended to include materials such as glass ceramics and lithium disilicates.

Key features in brief
Five-axis simultaneous milling
Automated system with integrated 8-disc material changer
Synchronous spindle with a maximum speed of 60,000 rpm and four hybrid ball bearings
16-position tool changer with automatic tool measurement and replacement tool management system
Absolute precisio:
repeatability value of ± 0,003 mm
Inclination angle of the rotation axes ± 180° (A-axis) and ± 30° (B-axis)
Wet operation
Benchtop model with very small footprint

Property Value
Dimensions in cm (w x h x d) 49.0 x 54.0 x 44.5 (without changer)
69.2 x 54.0 x 44.5 (including changer)
Weight 75 kg (without changer)
95 kg (with changer)
Milling stations 1 (dry/wet)
Spindle synchronous spindle with 4 hybrid ball bearings and integrated inner taper shank cleaning
max. output 600 W,
max. speed 60,000 rpm
Tool holder pneumatic chuck for tools with 3 mm shank
Tool positions 16; including replacement tool management system
Automatic tool measurement with breakage detection yes
Inclination angle of the rotation axes ± 180° (A-axis) and
± 30° (B-axis)
Repeatability value ± 0,003 mm
Material changer for 8 discs
Remote maintenance yes
Compressed air connection min. 7 bar
Voltage / frequency 230 V / 50 Hz


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