Zfx Digital-intra Model system




Zfx Digital-intra Model system
The Zfx™ Digital-intraModel system enables the computer-aided production of physical models based on intraoral scans. The system consists of a software module used to define the emergence profile, segment the model and adjust the friction on the base plate, and the corresponding reusable base plates, pins and an intercuspidator. The resin models are produced in a Zfx milling center either using laser sintering or milling technology. The models are always delivered with suitable model analogs, which are positioned in the exact height and angle using a patented mechanism.

Delivery contents Set
1 pc. Intercuspidator
2 pc. Zfx™ Plates
1 pc. Check Block
30 pc. Metal Pins
1 pc. Hex driver (HXLGR1.25), Long with
GemLock for Zfx™ IntraScan Matchholders


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