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A next-generation desktop scanner with many innovative features. The „Zfx Evolution plus“ is the succesful symbiosis of functionality, precision and aesthetics.
Basic Version: What’s new?
The innovative „open scan technology“ is the basis of the new design. The scanner operates without a door, offering proficiency through the open and compact architecture. The space requirement is small and the day-to-day work-flow is simplified. Like its‘ predicessor, the „Zfx Evolution plus“ utilizes the proven stripe light technology. A total of 128 line pairs are projected with a LED light source on the surface of the object to be captured. The 2-axis system for rotating and swiveling movements, ensures that the twin cameras in the scanner (CCD sensors) record all surface points reliably. The scanning speed („Quick Scan“) is also improved. Due to an optimization of the image processing algorithms, the computation time of the scanner has been reduced to 30 percent.
A forward-looking feature is the „Ready for 3D-Printing“ tool. The scanner generates a standard stl file that is compatible with additive manufacturing. Furthermore, up to tewlve individual dies can be captured and processed simultaneously through the „12-in-1 Multi-Die-Scanning“ module that is included in the basic version. Additionally, the validated accuracy (less than 9 µm) has been enlarged to volume of 140 x 80 mm through sensor adjustment.
Thanks to the substantially enlarged field-of-view and the enhanced scanning area, fewer records per scan are necessary. This so-called „Full Scan“ improves not only the speed, but also the accuracy even with large cases. Time-consuming rescans are virtually eliminated.

open and compact architecture (without a door)
Stripe light technology: Stripe light technology: Projection on the surface of the object of 128 line pairs from an LED light source
2-axis system for rotating and swiveling movements
Record all surface points (CCD sensors)
Quick Scan: 30% faster scanning speed through optimization of image processing algorithms
Ready for 3D Printing: Compatible stl-data for additive manufacturing
Recording of 12 single segments (dies) at the same time
Measuring accuracy less than 9 µm in the solid! (Measurement according to the VDI test procedure)
Cylindrical scanning area:
140 x 80 mm
Quick, precise scanning of large objects
Color Camera: high resolution and realistic color reproduction (2+1 technology)
Texture Mapping: Recognition of lines drawn, which are editable as cSpline (mathematical function) in the CAD Software

Zfx Evolution plus+
Number of cameras: 2 + 1 Color Camera
Resolution: 1.296 x 964 pixels
Resolution Color Camera: 2.592 x 1.944 pixels (15 fps at 15 MP)
Light source: 25 Watt LED (green)
Number of projected line pairs: 128
2-axis system for rotating and swiveling movements
Minimum measurement time: 980 ms
Scan time single stump: 35 sec
Scan time per model: 1.1 min
Postprocessing time per model: 20 sec
Recording at the same time: 12 dies
Scan accuracy: < 9µm per solid (measurement in accordance with VDI, the European laboratory and field validation test procedures)
Cylindrical scanning area: 140 x 80 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D): 270 x 440 x 444 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Power supply: AC 110 / 220 Volt, 50 – 60 Hz


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