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Zfx™ IntraScan is a lightweight handpiece which is connected to a notebook by means of a cable and weighs only 600 grams. The entire scanning technology is incorporated into the handpiece, obviating the need for a complex workstation.

The intraoral scanner is used to digitally measure the condition of the bite and a 3-D model is generated from the results. Both the hard and the soft tissue are modelled. Digital impressions taken with the Zfx IntraScan are used as a basis for the computer-controlled design and manufacture of implant and tooth-supported restorations. It is not necessary to apply scanning powder.

Workflow in practice
An optical impression of the patient‘s mouth is taken with the Zfx intraoral scanner. The individual scans generated are combined in real time. The generated data record is small, enabling data to be transmitted quickly and easily. The result is a virtual, three-dimensional model which can be displayed and checked on the monitor. If this shows that the preparation limit has not been modelled accurately or if there are gaps in the data, then the preparation and scanning can be repeated. It is also possible to interrupt the scan, for example to re-dry a region – the scanning process is simply continued from where it was interrupted. Scanning can also be carried out at a different point by moving the scan field with the mouse.

Data transfer
When the scanning process is complete, the generated 3-D model is made available to the laboratory via the Zfx™ Dental-Net. It is not necessary for Zfx to modify or compress the data record, and the partner laboratory can start the virtual construction immediately. The Zfx™ Dental-Net online platform is also used for communication between practice, laboratory and milling centre.

Open system (direct STL data files)
Direct, oral scans
Shorter treatment time
No Click-fee
Portable (600g)
18 scans / second
Real-time stitching
Incl. Laptop PC System

Zfx IntraScan
Open system to the common dental CADs
Confocal microscope with Moiree effect recognition
Smart pixel sensor for fast and precise scanning
Automatic real-time stitching of the individual scans
Scanning the oral tissue without additional usage of powder
Interruption of scans (pause / stop) possible anytime
Separate scans are automatically put together
Individual scan time: less than 0.1 seconds
Typical scan speed (PC-dependent): 18 scans / second
Weight: 600g
Pixels on sensor (X x Y): 144 x 90; pixel size: 50×86 μm
On the object (X x Y): 66 x 120 μm
Scan field (on the object – X x Y x Z): 10.4 x 9.6 x 18 mm
USB 2.0 PC connection
Output format: STL file


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