Zhermack Hurrimix



Zhermack Hurrimix

Automatic mixer for alginates & dental stones



  • Can mix small quantities of Zhermack stones* up to 100 grams .
  • Software with 20 mixing programs.
  • 10 alginate programs, including 7 customised for Zhermack alginates, but modifiable according to need.
  • 10 stone programs, including 7 customised for Zhermack stones, but modifiable according to need.
  • Electronic microprocessor control
  • Large digital display
  • Compatible with the majority of alginates currently available on the market


Hurrimix has been designed to ensure high and optimal quality mixing. Compared to a manual operation, Hurrimix improves the quality of mixing and considerably reduces the presence of bubbles inside material used to make the impression.


  • Constant mixing quality
  • Homogenous,creamy mix
  • Mixing times much faster than with manual mixing.
  • Extremely simple to use and clean, the container’s hermetically seals to avoid all dispersion of material during mixing.
  • Large digital display allows easy program setting
  • Compact latest generation design with rounded lines

Key Specifications:

  • Electronic microprocessor control
  • Large digital display
  • Polycarbonate membrane controls
  • Metal/plastic casing


  • 1 Unit

Direction to use:

  • Start the appliance by turning the on/off switch
  • Display on button – press for 2 seconds
  • Programmes can be chosen by pressing the programme selection button
  • Adjust the mixing time by pressing increase/decrease button
  • It works via placing the measured scoops of alginate and water into a pot, placing the pot inside the chamber, pressing the button and in a few seconds an air free, consistent mix is achieved.


Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 12 Months applicable for this product. Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product.


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