Zubler DC1 Milling System




Zubler DC1 Milling System

DC1 milling system for the modern dental laboratory6
Dental Concept Systems has completed its range with the DC1™ and now also off ers a basic device in the compact class of modern milling systems.
The DC1™ makes it possible for dental laboratories of all sizes to be extremely competitive and off ers dental technicians a smooth entry to CAD/CAM technology.

Features of the DC1™
System freedom
Modular construction according to individual needs
5-axis milling system, simultaneous
Dry and wet milling
For zircon oxide, ceramic materials, lithium disilicate, CoCr, titanium, PMMA, composites, wax and model materials
Exchangeable 18-tool magazine with automatic tool measurement and management of twin tools
Automatic machine calibration for maximum precision
Synergy in manufacturing throughDC conceptCONTROL
The DC conceptCONTROL control software and the modular construction support the combination of DC1™ and DC5™ and off ers a wide range of options for the extension of dental productions.


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