Zubler VARIO 200ZR




Zubler VARIO 200ZR
TTC schwarzThe firing of dental ceramics on zirconia sub-structures carries a high risk of crack formation while cooling. With the VARIO 200ZR the new TTC technology is at your disposal. When engaged, this feature controls the rate of temperature descent, linearly dropping the temperature by a user defined degree per minute to evenly cool the objects and avoid sudden changes in temperatures. This feature allows for cool rates between 5 °C/min and 45 °C/min. Thanks to the innovative design of the firing chamber and intelligent software, the actively controlled temperature descent of the ceramic below the temperature of transition is ensured. This process will help keep the occurrence of chipping, cracking and micro-fractures to a minimum.
There is a considerable difference between the available and usable space inside a ceramic oven. The available space is generally considered to be the diameter of the firing tray plus the working height. The usable space, conversely, includes the thermal conditions of a firing chamber.
The heating coils used in ceramic ovens radiate at temperatures far above 1000°C during the sintering phase. Consequently, temperatures in direct proximity to the heating coil are ‘useless’ for consistent results when processing dental ceramics.
Zubler is the only ceramic oven manufacturer in the world to address this problem and develop a firing chamber with a larger inner diameter. The VARIO 200 series ceramic oven’s 120mm inside diameter ensures temperature homogeneity across the entire 80mm-diameter firing tray, irrespective of the position or number of objects.


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