Zubler VARIO PRESS 300.e




ADVANCEDPRESS weissLithium disilicate ceramics are increasingly used in the dental laboratory for the manufacture of dental prosthesis. This material is characterized by its high strength. While CAD/CAM processing is an option, pressing technology is more efficient and accessible.
Unfortunately, the pressing process has been hindered by the sensitive nature of lithium disilicate and the formation of reactive layers caused by the material’s exposure to phosphate bonded investment during the traditional heating and pressing process. This reaction layer adds complexity and increases processing time.
ADVANCED PRESS was patented in 2010 and includes an entirely new pressing process. By calculating the thermal behavior between the materials involved in the pressing cycle, a heating curve was developed that vastly improves the result and decreases the process time. The principle is simple and easy to understand
An efficient heating chamber helps guarantee consistent pressing. To ensure all ring sizes are uniformly heated, the VARIO PRESS 300/300.e are equipped with a larger, high-quality heating element that completely lines the firing chamber with 7 layers of heating coils (see ADVANCED PRESS™ techniques). Zones without direct radiation that cause uneven heating are avoided.
The ring in the VARIO PRESS 300 is positioned on a tripod insert and is raised inside the firing chamber during the entire work process. This ensures the necessary heat reflection inside the firing chamber and thus perfect pressing.


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