Zubler VARIO PRESS 300




Zubler VARIO PRESS 300
An efficient heating chamber helps guarantee consistent pressing. To ensure all ring sizes are uniformly heated, the VARIO PRESS 300/300.e are equipped with a larger, high-quality heating element that completely lines the firing chamber with 7 layers of heating coils (see ADVANCED PRESS™ techniques). Zones without direct radiation that cause uneven heating are avoided.
The ring in the VARIO PRESS 300 is positioned on a tripod insert and is raised inside the firing chamber during the entire work process.
This ensures the necessary heat reflection inside the firing chamber and thus perfect pressing.
If the power goes out, PFC is activated! Once power is restored the oven operation is returned to the point of interruption.
Made of Safety Glass
The innovative and modern touch glass display is made of impact and heat-resistant safety glass. This has proven to be a clean, comfortable and virtually indestructible solution when compared with a membrane keyboard. We now offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the glass!


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